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Promotion in social networks (SMM)

Create a loyal community on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter: engage in discussions, entertain, educate and your followers will bring an even larger audience.

The goal of LeadUp Marketers is to make the use of social networks effective both for growing your brand and for making real profits. All you need is to contact us!

If you're looking for efficiency in all your company's interactions with your audience on social media, LeadUp is the company to help you achieve tangible results. Do you need to increase brand awareness, attract an audience to the website/blog or enlarge number of leads, the LeadUp team will cope with any task.

With significant experience in developing SMM strategies and managing campaigns in Facebook, LinkedIn, we know how to make your social media presence profitable. Depending on your goals, we will develop an effective strategy, create content and help distribute it among your target audience.

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Content Creation and Distribution

The main thing in social communities is content. It is he who determines how well the audience will interact with you. At LeadUp, we study the interests of your target audience, research its insights and post only the information they need and are interested in. 

Social media contests

Contests are a sure way to increase your social media following. However, the holding of competitions should be thought out to the smallest detail. LeadUp specialists will plan and carry out the campaign in such a way that it will attract only your target audience and bring the expected results. 

Community Administration

Every social media community should live a full life and fulfill the company's marketing tasks day in and day out. This requires specially trained people. If you do not have such, we will moderate your page at the most professional level.

Advertising campaigns

Social media advertising campaigns are an excellent way to achieve a variety of goals. Advertising on social networks is good for brand development, increasing the number of followers, lead generation and even sales. At LeadUp Marketers, we know how to make an advertising campaign effective!

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LeadUp has significant experience in providing SMM services not only in Russia, but also in Europe, as well as in the countries of Southeast Asia. We have unique expertise in social media community management and are ready to offer working solutions for industries such as: IT, professional services, business services, education, consulting and others.

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