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The process of searching for information and making decisions has changed a lot in recent years. Are you ready for this?

If traditional marketing is like a sledgehammer, then inbound marketing is a magnet. Instead of promoting your message to the target audience, inbound marketing makes it so that your product or service is found by those who really need it. 

Inbound Marketing Methodology

or how it works

1. Attract visitors

The first thing you need to achieve in inbound marketing is to attract the target audience. This target audience will then become your leads. 


We use the following acquisition channels:

  • Corporate blog
  • Social Networks
  • SEO optimization

3. Making the sale

At this stage, we warm up leads by taking them on a customer journey until they are ready to purchase your product or service.


We do it like this:

  • Forming a score system for leads
  • We create the logic of lead heating
  • We use automation

2. Lead conversion

The next step is to convert visitors into leads. This is done by creating content offers that will be useful to visitors in exchange for their contacts.


Conversion methods:

  • Creation of personalized content
  • Creating calls to action
  • Creating Landing Pages

4. Information satisfaction

Inbound marketing doesn't end with sales. Our goal is to provide enough information to clients to satisfy their content needs.


Our methods:

  • Creating targeted vibrant content
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing and automation

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