We are very proud of the service we provide to our clients. In fact, we see that our relationship with clients is much more personal than most agencies in our area. Our customer relationships don't start at 9:00 am and end at 18:00 pm - they stay with us to consistently receive the quality service they deserve.
Social Media Marketing
Finding an adequate marketing agency today is not easy: either expensive or unprofessional. What did we like about LeadUp? This is their obligation. If they said it will be on the 14th, then it will be on the 14th.
Vladimir Kopygin
Marketing director
LeadUp have established themselves as professionals with a capital letter. Special thanks to Olga Krivablotskaya, who answered all our requests almost instantly.
Alexandra Sinyavskaya
Content Marketing Director
We are very satisfied with the result of working with LeadUp. First of all, it is worth noting the efficiency of each employee of the agency, and professionalism leaves no doubt. I can definitely recommend LeadUp Marketers.
Vitaly Speransky
Head of "Speranskiy Studio"
Social media marketing can be effective when done by a professional. This is how we can characterize our cooperation with LeadUp. Until that moment, we had no idea how effective social media promotion could be. In just a month of the project, we increased the influx of leads by 43%.
Mikhail Sorokin
LeadUp provided us with consulting services in the field of email marketing. An email marketing strategy was built, a mailing service was introduced, employees were trained. As a result, our sales from email newsletters increased by 96%! Thanks for the professional support.
Alexey Kogan
Head of marketing department
For the past 6 months we have been working with LeadUp Marketers to implement and support content marketing in our IT company. At the moment we are working in several directions at once: blog development, landing pages preparation, promotion in social media. It is worth noting how everything is clearly organized in the company when working with clients. Clearly not newbies.
Ekaterina Mikhalitsyna
Torizon Cloud Solutions
With the help of LeadUp, we have created a working content marketing strategy for our business. And although the process of implementing the strategy was not easy, after three months it began to bear fruit. LeadUp created a corporate blog for us, trained employees how, when and what articles to publish, and took on the responsibility of promoting the blog.
Denis Krivoblotsky
Member of the Board "M&BS"
As a small design firm, we need a steady stream of clients at a low cost. LeadUp Marketers helped us understand the role and importance of each marketing tool and the resources they require. We decided to start focusing on the development of selling pages of the site, as well as the use of contextual advertising. We are very pleased with the results!
Vitaly Speransky
Head of "Speranskiy Studio"