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Social Media Marketing

INBOUND MARKETING: An Introduction to Strategy

What is inbound marketing Why is inbound marketing very good for start-up projects? Philosophy: why inound/content marketing works Methodology: how inbound/content marketing works Toolkit: effective…
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E-book "How to promote a corporate blog: Increase its reach and ROI"

What is blog marketing? Increasing traffic and attracting the target audience Converting visitors into subscribers Growing evangelists
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15 Most Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them eBook

Lack of integration of the blog with the site Posts mainly about products Infrequent and chaotic posts Lack of focus on a specific topic Lack of diversity…
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30 Practical Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Lead Generation eBook

Lead generation mechanisms 30 practical tips, recommendations and ideas Content and content suggestions Calls to action (CTA) Landing pages (Landing pages)…
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E-book "Effective Lead Generation: How to attract and convert visitors into leads"

What is Lead Generation Why is Lead Generation Important How Buying Behavior Has Changed How the Lead Generation Process Has Changed New Buying Behavior What is Lead…
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E-book "Optimizing landing pages for successful lead generation"

What is a Landing Page How to Motivate People to Share Landing Pages Landing Pages and Lead Heater A/B Testing Landing Pages Optimization…
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E-book: "Corporate blogs: how to make a blog an effective marketing tool

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